Water Lines

Meet All Your Construction Goals

Call on us for water line installation services in Readfield or Lewiston, ME

There are many different processes involved when building a home. One of which includes installing your utilities. If you need a professional excavation contractor to do this part of the job, rely on Maine State Hardscape and Excavation LLC to lend a hand. We provide water line installation services in Readfield, Lewiston, ME and surrounding areas.

Our team can safely dig your water lines without any issues. We work with state-of-the-art excavation equipment and have over seven years of experience.

Contact us today to arrange for water line installation services.

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4 signs your water line needs to be repaired

You rely on water lines to supply fresh water to your home. If your water line becomes faulty for any reason, it's important to get repairs lined up. Luckily, we can provide water line repair services in the Readfield and Lewiston, ME area.

Be sure to reach out if:

  1. Your water is discolored
  2. Your water pressure is low
  3. Your lawn has wet patches
  4. Your water bill is higher than normal
Don't ignore the signs of a faulty water line. Get in touch with our excavation company to schedule water line repair services.